Once in a while I submit a piece to be published in a magazine. Here you can find in which magazines I've been published. 

Beadwork issue October/November 2014 - Bracelet Linnéa

My first publication is in the Beadwork Magazine of October/November 2014 with bracelet pattern Linnéa. 

In dec. 2013 I entered my bracelet pattern Linnéa for publication in the beadwork. This was the first time I entered a design to any magazine and was prepared for rejection. But, to my surprise, it was accepted... And it would be for the Beadwork issue of October/November 2014... It was a long time before I could shout it from the rooftops, and I did when I saw that the pattern was indeed published in the issue of October/November!! I'm so proud of my first publication :) Thank you Beadwork for this chance!

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Perlen Poesie Magazine December 2014 - Issue 23

My second publication of 2014 is in the magazine of Perlen Poesie with the necklace Romance with a Twist! 

I was approached by Perlen Poesie Magazine for a new project for publication in their magazine. At the time I was just beginning with the component you are making with this necklace. It has changed over time a bit as I wasn't satisfied with the steps. But in the end I've made it and send it to them for judgement. 

Yesterday I received a copy of the magazine and I'm in it! What a surprise as I didn't suspect one thing that it was being published this year! My gratitude goes out to the people of Perlen Poesie and the patience they had as I was sick at the time when I was designing it. 

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Perlen Poesie Magazine May 2016 - Issue 29

My third publication is again in the magazine of Perlen Poesie with a necklace called Rosetta. I don't have any pictures yet than the cover, I will update it as soon as possible :)

At the end of last year I entered a new project for the magazine Perlen Poesie called Rosetta. I was granted to complete it and that they would wish to publish it somewhere in 2016. 

I received the news on 17/05/2016 that my project was being published in the Perlen Poesie nr. 29!

So happy to have another publication in a magazine and I just love the collaboration and communications I have with the wonderful people behind the magazine ^_^ Thank you all for the patience and effort!

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Re-publication of Rosetta in the Japanese Bead Art Magazine!

Not exactly my fourth publication because it's a re-publication of an existing project but I am still very proud to be presented in this Japanese magazine!

Perlen Poesie March 2017 nr. 32 

My fifth publication is also in the Perlen Poesie with my bracelet design Chalina. I love working with them and they are so wonderful!

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Chalina is also available through my etsy store.